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My job search insecurities – are you the same?


Last week, I lost my part-time job. It was actually a contract job at a local university, on a project that I built from scratch and developed for over a year, with excellent results.
This summer, they decided to turn it into an office position. Naturally, I applied. Naturally, I thought I would AT LEAST get an interview. Naturally, I forgot about unions, incompetent HR people and lazy department heads. They hired an internal candidate who is largely unqualified, because the job ad was misleading in the first place-a mainly technical position presented as creative work. I didn’t even get the courtesy of an interview, even though I was the current occupant of the job. I wouldn’t get so worked up over it, but I really loved that job and I put many volunteer hours in it.
Now they’re asking me to help with the “transition”, “for a while” (read: hired candidate has no idea how to do this job), and I invoice the crap out of them. There’s still some money to be made from this over the next few weeks, so I guess things could be worse.

Just a short summary of the current situation. Whining is not the point of this entry, and, I like to think, not the point of this blog, at all. What I want to talk about is the inferno of job searching, because I’m curious to see if other people feel the same as I do. Continue reading