Friends with vegans


Vegan chocolate-strawberry cake I made for Easter. The icing cracked in the fridge, but I pretended that it was on purpose.

One of my closest friends here, in Canada, is a vegan, and her boyfriend is, too. I am an omnivore and I can’t ever picture myself going vegan, or even vegetarian, or even pescatarian.

Due to my religion (Eastern Orthodox), I am familiar with vegan cooking. We have four periods of Lent every year, and our Lent consists of a vegan diet (although honey is allowed, so I guess it’s not really vegan, but you get my point), plus no drinking, no smoking, no sex, no swearing. You can imagine that the younger generations aren’t too keen on keeping Lent; I haven’t kept it myself in years. However, my father and my grandparents keep all the four Lents, and sometimes my mother does, too, so I know how to cook a few vegan dishes.

This post is not about veganism per se, since we’ve established I’m not going down that road anytime soon, but about being friends with vegans. First of all, in a city like Vancouver (said to be vegan-friendly), it’s very likely that you will end up having a vegan guest at some point. Continue reading


My job search tips


This is a follow-up to my previous post, My Job Search Insecurities – Are You The Same? If you are like me, and the job search process turns you into a self-doubting, self-flagellating mess, maybe the tips below will help you. Again, not claiming they are original, and I know that what works for some may not work for others.

I think these tips could be especially useful if, like myself, you’ve worked a multitude of jobs and done a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and you feel like your resume is all over the place. Since I came to Canada, I’ve worked in retail, I was a receptionist, a loan officer, a collections agent, a website admin/social media manager and a freelance writer. All immigrants must pay their dues, I’ve been told. Back home, I was a translator and a journalist, with some sporadic teaching experience. As you can see, it’s really all over the place!

1. Do a “Lego” resume.

Every job application has to be customized, so, even if you have separate resumes for different sets of skills, you’ll still end up editing a lot to make them match the job description.
I found a solution to customize my resumes in a way that saves me a lot of time and mental energy, and I named this solution “the Lego”, because you get to build your resume like a Lego toy. Continue reading