Good and bad

The good: I got a job! It’s a bit less money than I was hoping for, and it’s a 5-month contract, but I am grateful, because it’s a nice job (Youth Coordinator for a local non-profit), I like my new boss, and it gives me time to look for something better-paid and learn some new skills.

The bad: the man I’ve been seeing told me he has sociopath tendencies. I knew he was weird, but I had no idea it was this bad. I was very upset at hearing this, and I still am, but, after I turned 30, I decided that trying to fix men is too costly a hobby. I’ll cry my tears, and then move on. Plus, if I could actually fix sociopathy, I would be going straight for that Nobel Prize, instead of wasting my time with this guy.

I want to focus on the good and go on with my plans. Keep dieting, learn InDesign and Farsi, find a school to finish my degree, save money to pay my taxes, get ready for my mom’s arrival. My mom is coming here for Christmas, and I haven’t seen her since July 2009. She will be getting here right after her last chemo session, and I want to go all out and make a wonderful stay for her.

My heart is still with this man, but it will catch up with my reason eventually. I want good things for myself, and I want someone with whom to share them. I want to be happy.


Home alone (1)


I don’t look nearly as stylish as this lady when I relax around the house.

I live alone. It’s my biggest luxury, especially considering that Vancouver rents are freaking expensive. There’s approximately $400 a month making the difference between happy solitude and roommate hell, and I pinch that $400 from other areas of life that matter oh-so-much less than having my little oasis. My home is my sanity, as is the case for many introverts.
I spend quite a bit of my free time at home, and I love every second of it. I feel like I’m banking mental energy for when I have kids and I have to to say good bye to privacy and autonomy.

Since this is the Labour Day long week-end, I have a bit more time to sleep, purr and be merry. And yesterday was a really good Sunday: no last-minute work for my part-time job, no emails from the editor, no annoying phone calls, house clean, laundry done, errands run, groceries and cooking for the week done. Why hello, delicious alone time!

How does that translate in practice, you ask (or you would ask, if this blog had any visitors)? Continue reading