Good and bad

The good: I got a job! It’s a bit less money than I was hoping for, and it’s a 5-month contract, but I am grateful, because it’s a nice job (Youth Coordinator for a local non-profit), I like my new boss, and it gives me time to look for something better-paid and learn some new skills.

The bad: the man I’ve been seeing told me he has sociopath tendencies. I knew he was weird, but I had no idea it was this bad. I was very upset at hearing this, and I still am, but, after I turned 30, I decided that trying to fix men is too costly a hobby. I’ll cry my tears, and then move on. Plus, if I could actually fix sociopathy, I would be going straight for that Nobel Prize, instead of wasting my time with this guy.

I want to focus on the good and go on with my plans. Keep dieting, learn InDesign and Farsi, find a school to finish my degree, save money to pay my taxes, get ready for my mom’s arrival. My mom is coming here for Christmas, and I haven’t seen her since July 2009. She will be getting here right after her last chemo session, and I want to go all out and make a wonderful stay for her.

My heart is still with this man, but it will catch up with my reason eventually. I want good things for myself, and I want someone with whom to share them. I want to be happy.


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