Hair loss treatment with stinging nettle and coffee – Updated

That's almost what my hair brush used to look like, even after I cut my hair short.

That’s almost what my hair brush used to look like, even after I cut my hair short.

UPDATE – October 17, 2013 – So far, so good. My hair loss has diminished to just a few hairs here and there, usually after I wash my hair or after I haven’t brushed in many hours. Yay! I’ve yet to hear from my friend about her results, but it’s working for me and it costs almost nothing, so I’ll keep using the lotion.

September 25, 2013
Until a week ago, my hair had been falling in clumps. Scary and gross. It was all over my bathroom, my bedsheets and my floors. I hate the feeling of stuff sticking to my bare feet when I walk around the house, and hairs are the worst! Plus, I was always stressed when cooking for people, because there were always a few hairs hanging off my clothes somewhere.
It was long, well below my shoulders, so I thought that cutting it short would fix the problem. It did not.

Last year, I tried Nutricap, and it helped a lot, initially. After a couple of months, the hair loss returned, even as I was still taking the pills. I’m not saying it’s not a good product, but it didn’t work for me in the long run.
I’ve also read about Biotin, but a lot if users say that it comes with the “bonus” of making your body and facial hair grow like crazy. As a woman of Greek heritage, with a weight problem that accentuates body hair growth, this is NOT a risk I want to take.
There are many other treatments I could try, but I’m on a budget here and I can’t afford to experiment with expensive stuff.

I eat well, so I don’t think this is diet-related. I will try to increase my protein intake, but, from my experience, this has not made much of a difference in the past. My hormones are fine, according to my most recent tests, although it is time for another yearly check-up.
I suspect the origin of my problem may be dermatological, because I have an itchy scalp. I will schedule an appointment with a dermatologist in the next month, but, until then, I want to see if a homemade remedy can solve my problem.

A few weeks ago, I read about a study made by a German university, in which it was determined that caffeine, applied externally, helps decrease hair loss and stimulate regeneration. However, the study was made on men who had androgenetic alopecia. But, hey, I already have coffee in the cupboard, so it costs me nothing to try it.
Another remedy, very popular in my culture, is stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) infusion. Women used it, and still do, as a hair rinse, and the most popular communist shampoo was a cheap, simple nettle-based one. Many still feel nostalgic for it and say that it was much better for their hair than modern shampoos. Some Romanian companies have created nettle shampoos in the past years, but nothing like the original.

The thing is, I don’t believe much in the efficiency of shampoos. I use them for cleansing my hair and for the nice scent, but I don’t believe they can fix a hair problem-or maybe only if they are medicated. I lather my hair and rinse it immediately, so when is the shampoo supposed to work, in those 30 seconds? It just doesn’t seem realistic.

I have decided to give the caffeine+nettle concoction a try, and leave it on until it is absorbed by the skin. It should work like a hair tonic, so, if the problem is poor circulation at the scalp level, then the hair loss should decrease.


1 part strong coffee (I used a big cup)

1 part strong nettle infusion (I used 2 teabags in a big cup and left them until the water turned really dark) – a box of nettle tea costs about 7$

a few drops of tea tree oil, to combat the itchiness

I mixed the ingredients in a bottle, and I apply it on my scalp with a cotton disk. I just part my hair in as many places as possible and rub the soaked cotton disk on the skin. I leave it on for at least an hour, and then I wash my hair as usual.
It’s the most effective way I could think of. I tried to put it in a spray container, but the nozzle gets clogged. I don’t want to do the rinse, because it’s gross and messy, and I would have to prepare a new batch every time. This way, a batch lasts me for 5-7 uses.

So far, I have used it twice, and I have seen a significant decrease in hair loss. I don’t know if it’s the lotion, or the gentle massage of the scalp during application, or both, but the difference is very noticeable. However, it is way too early to toot my own horn about this. I wash my hair about 3 times a week, and I plan to use the treatment before every wash, or at least twice a week.

I will also give a bottle to a friend whose hair is falling. She has breast cancer and she has just finished a long juice fast (vegan, doesn’t believe in conventional medicine… long story), so it might not work as well for her. She’s not doing chemo, so she’s not actually balding, but her hair is definitely thinning.

I will keep updating this post every couple of weeks and let you know if the lotion keeps working for me and my friend. If anyone else wants to try it, please let me know in the comments if you are seeing any results. Good luck!


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