Home alone (1)


I don’t look nearly as stylish as this lady when I relax around the house.

I live alone. It’s my biggest luxury, especially considering that Vancouver rents are freaking expensive. There’s approximately $400 a month making the difference between happy solitude and roommate hell, and I pinch that $400 from other areas of life that matter oh-so-much less than having my little oasis. My home is my sanity, as is the case for many introverts.
I spend quite a bit of my free time at home, and I love every second of it. I feel like I’m banking mental energy for when I have kids and I have to to say good bye to privacy and autonomy.

Since this is the Labour Day long week-end, I have a bit more time to sleep, purr and be merry. And yesterday was a really good Sunday: no last-minute work for my part-time job, no emails from the editor, no annoying phone calls, house clean, laundry done, errands run, groceries and cooking for the week done. Why hello, delicious alone time!

How does that translate in practice, you ask (or you would ask, if this blog had any visitors)?

Watched:  a few episodes of Dr. Who and Frasier.
I am behind on all these new TV shows that everybody is talking about, and there are a few that I want to start watching, but I’ll always come back to my two favourite doctors.

Can I also show off my Tardis watch? I got it off of Ebay and I’m in love with it!


Read: chapters from A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving and Seductress, by Betsy Prioleau.
I’m ashamed to admit that I started A Prayer for Owen Meany months ago, and I still have 150 pages left. It’s weird, because I do like the book very much, so I have no explanation for dragging it for such a long time. I don’t like leaving books unfinished, so I feel like I can’t move on until I’m done with this one. But I think this might just be the week! Fingers crossed!
Seductress is a book about history’s great sirens, about the fascinating women who charmed powerful men, scandalized the public opinion and influenced the trends and mores of their time. The book is very engaging, and I found it interesting (read: encouraging) that most of these women were neither very young, nor conventionally beautiful. I would recommend the book to any woman who finds herself in a rut and needs a bit of inspiration.

seductress-betsy-prioleau-famous-mistressesListened to: Lana del Rey, and The Lumineers.
I am not only behind on television, but also on music. I can recognize a song here and there, but I no longer have a sense of what’s happening on the music scene. I decided to start listening to entire albums of recent musicians, instead of taking the occasional hit that catches my fancy and replaying it until it makes me sick.

Ate: baba ghanouj and flourless chocolate cake.
I live in a neighbourhood with a large Persian community, and that means lots of small grocery stores with cheap produce and specialties that you can’t find in supermarkets. It so happens that my (Romanian) cuisine has some things in common with the Persian one. I was happy to find rose and quince jam, frozen sour cherries for baking, excellent brine pickles and, my favourite, baba ghanouj – or, as we call it, “eggplant salad”.

Back home, in summer, people buy a lot of eggplants, usually between 50-100lbs, and spend a whole week-end roasting and peeling them, then freezing them in bags to have over the winter. We mix them with mayonnaise, or with oil and chopped onion, and, oh God, it’s one of my favourite foods ever and, to me, it tastes like home.


I must have peeled hundreds of these in my lifetime.
Photo: www.cabanamotilor.ro

Alas, I live in a studio and I can’t afford to make foods with very strong smells or that release a lot of smoke, and the supermarket baba ghanouj doesn’t taste like the one I remember. Imagine my excitement when I found a canned baba ghanouj that tastes very very close to the one I’m used to, and costs only $1.69 to boot! I prepared it with my homemade “mayo”, which is just a mix of yogurt, mustard and 1tbsp of oil. Tastes just like mayo, for a fraction of the calories and fat. The can makes enough dip for 2-3 people, but I don’t think you’ll want to share.

If you love baba ghanouj and you see this can somewhere, BUY IT! You will not be disappointed!

If you love baba ghanouj and you see this can somewhere, BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT! You will not be disappointed!

I also took out my bag of cosmetic samples and started using them. I’m now trying Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Moisture Gel. One of my friends is obsessed with her products and she often gives me samples, but I can’t say they’ve worked very well for me. I also tried Avon Solution Total Radiance – not impressed. I’ll keep going through my samples, in hope of a pleasant surprise.

And that was my Sunday. We’ll see how Monday unravels.

How are you spending your long week-end?


3 thoughts on “Home alone (1)

    • Really? Go to Arab or Persian stores, if you have any in the area. Or maybe a bigger supermarket with an ethnic section. The one I got cost $1.89, and you can eat two or three times from one can. It might be advertized simply as “eggplant dip” on the label. Read the label, and if it has roasted eggplants in the list of ingredients (as opposed to fried eggplants, because some dips use fried ones), it’s the right one.

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